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Toy Boy Dating


Toyboy Dating & Cougar Dating across the UK


Toyboy is the number one dating site for men and women where age gaps aren’t an issue…they’re desirable.


Are you a sexy, sensual cougar on the prowl for a young buck? Perhaps you’re a toyboy yearning to date older women? You’ve found the right place at Toyboy.

Find your perfect toy boy or cougar by registering online for FREE now.


The only place to find your future toy boy or cougar is Toyboy


There are plenty of one-size-fits-all dating sites filled with people who don’t understand what you want from a new relationship. Avoid embarrassment, hassle and wasted time by choosing the toyboy dating site dedicated to finding your purr-fect match.

The Toyboy dating community offers everything you could need to date older women or younger men. Interactive services include:

  • Toyboy video profiles
  • Toyboy Instant messaging
  • Toyboy dating video chats
  • Date older women blogs
  • Toyboy news
  • Toyboy diaries
  • Toy boy virtual gifts
  • Toyboy personality profiling
  • Horoscopes for toyboy dating


Meeting people online is easy. But picking out that special someone can be hard. Toyboy is the number one site for toyboy dating and cougar dating because we are dedicated to finding you the right toy boy or cougar.

What are you waiting for? Get hunting for your toyboy or cougar now.


Calling all cougars


Age is just a number; attitude is everything
There aren’t any rules to making a relationship work. Any one of the couples who’ve found love, romance and excitement on Toyboy will tell you that. If you are a confident, passionate and sexy woman with experience behind you, Toyboy has thousands of men out there who want to date older women.

Perhaps you’ve learnt from bitter experience what doesn’t work in a relationship. You may have met all types of men over the years – some who don’t appreciate you, some who can’t handle you putting work first, and some who simply can’t keep up with you as easily as a toy boy would.

The young men on Toyboy are eager to date older women with knowledge, confidence, strength of character – and yes, skill in the bedroom.

Cougars often include women who are divorced or coming out of long-term relationships. Many are tired of dating men their own age and want toyboy dating to help them rediscover their own sense of fun.

Getting back into dating after a long time away can be intimidating, but on Toyboy you can easily find toy boys who understand exactly what you want from a relationship.


What toy boys want


Cougars that don’t bite . . . unless you ask them to

Do you worship the ground mature women walk on? Is there something about the experienced lady that gets your juices flowing? Toyboy is the dedicated dating site for men searching for fun, friendship or something more serious.

Men who choose to be toy boys are often tired of clingy, needy women their own age. They want someone who is independent, knows what they want and isn’t afraid to get it. Whether it’s wining and dining a cougar with genuine conversational skills, or cutting to the chase and embarking on a physical relationship with no strings attached, Toyboy has the answer.


What is a “toy boy”?


A toyboy or toy boy is a boyfriend, partner or husband who is significantly younger than the woman. They choose toyboy dating because they want to date older women. Sometimes called a Cub, toyboys crave the greater confidence and sensuality of a lady with life experience.


What is a “cougar”?


A Cougar is an older woman who chooses to date a toy boy. Cougars want toyboys because they share a sense of freedom and vitality. Toyboy dating is more popular than ever in the UK as more women become confident in the role of a Cougar and more toy boys choose to date older women.



Feel relaxed and comfortable with Toyboy dating

Many people are nervous about dating, particularly the idea of dating online. Toyboy caters for young men who haven’t had much experience of how to date older women. Toyboy is also the perfect niche dating site for mature women who haven’t dated for some time.

The toy boys and cougars who use are looking for a different dating experience to those they have had before. But they don’t want trying something new to be an embarrassing or awkward experience. Toyboy is about young gentlemen who date older women how they want, when they want.


I’ve never tried toyboy dating. How do I know it’s for me?

Toyboy is a niche dating site for both those who have enjoyed toyboy dating in the past and those trying it for the first time. At Toyboy you control of your own dating destiny.

Perhaps you prefer just a few years difference, or maybe a more sizeable age gap gets you hot under the collar. Simply sign up for Toyboy and you could be searching our database for your perfect match in minutes.

Don’t be embarrassed to admit that you are looking for a toy boy. Every member of the Toyboy dating community shares your desire to meet someone who isn’t just run of the mill. They are looking for a special someone to add excitement, intrigue and a bit of steaminess to their lives. It’s perfectly normal for men to date older women – try it and see for yourself.


Using for toyboy dating and cougar dating
Registering for FREE with Toyboy allows members to enjoy the benefits of the UK’s number one toy boy dating website. Thousands of cougars and toy boys search for the right kind of company on Toyboy.


Are Toyboy members screened?
For safety and security, Toyboy ads are randomly checked to verify authenticity. Toyboy services are confidential and the privacy of toy boys and cougars is given the highest priority. Photo files and Toyboy member upgrades are manually screened. Please use common sense and be careful about giving out personal information to other cougars and toy boys.


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